Thai Bodywork

Oil-free Ancient Healing


A dynamic system of compressions, targeted stretches, point work and range of motion (as well as other techniques) that addresses the body as a whole, layer by layer, to allow for increased movement and decreased pain. Thai massage is very “on the body”. We work the skin, the muscle tissue, the Sen, the bones, and sometimes the organs– when abdominal massage is indicated. The Sen are physical pathways of movement on the body– grooves in between muscle and bone where nerves, ligaments, and tendons can be accessed and treated to physically create more space for movement. In any session, a variety of tools can also be utilized such as cupping, scraping (the Chinese version is Gua Sha), hot herbal compresses and scarves. So comprehensive a system, Thai massage has the potential to be both deeply therapeutic/physically intensive and thoroughly relaxing.

Our Thai Bodywork Practitioners: Montana Kalian or Anya Means


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