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Lomi Lomi is a form of ancient Hawaiian medicine which focuses not only on the body, but also on the connection of the land, the ancestors, and the breath. This specific technique addresses the whole body with long sweeping motions of the forearms and hands. Akin to rolling waves of the ocean, these rhythmic movements provide deep relaxation to the body and spirit. We focus on nourishing touch which encourages the nervous system to calm, thereby creating space for the techniques to be received rather than pushing through a blockage in the muscle tissue. 

Lomi Lomi:  Generous amounts of oil are applied to the body with long soothing strokes. This session is ideal for individuals who need nourishing touch, deep relaxation or time to unwind and release long-held tension that causes stress to the body and mind. Hot towels are placed on the feet, a warm rice bag for the eyes and hot stones (if requested) to help soothe and warm the tissues even more. 

Lomi Lomi Deep Tissue: Deep, results-driven lomi lomi massage intended to restore balance and alignment to the body. These advanced techniques are recommended for clients with specific areas of concern.  Smaller amounts of oil are used to provide a firmer connection with the tissues and long lasting myofascial release.

Our Lomi Lomi Practitioner: Krisha McKinley


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