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Prenatal Massage

Personalized Prenatal Massage for Your Needs Appointments

Prenatal Massage in Missoula

Good Medicine proudly offers prenatal massage to women during low-risk pregnancies from first trimester to third trimester and postpartum.

If you’d like to make massage therapy a part of your pregnancy plan then call and schedule a prenatal massage session with one of our experienced, licensed massage therapists.

Our Prenatal Massage Practitioners: Jessi Brock or Anya Means

    Prenatal Massage Benefits

    Many women find that massage provides them with relief from common discomforts associated with pregnancy. As much as we love and cherish every moment of pregnancy, it’s far from an easy task! At Good Medicine, we hope to provide you with a comfortable, relaxed environment where you and your baby can discover the ease, stress-free, and revitalizing experience of prenatal massage.

      Relief from Prenatal Pain

      Prenatal massage therapy can provide you with relief from common pregnancy related pains such as:

      • stiff muscles
      • edema (swelling)
      • headaches
      • cramps
      • fatigue
      • depression
      • poor circulation
      • sciatica
      • neck pain
      • hip pain
      • back pain
      • constipation
      • congestion
      • stress
      • anxiety


      (406) 926-1881
      Appointments are recommended, but same day appointments are always welcome.